Quality is the heart of milling.

Liberty Flour Mills, Inc. (LFM) stand on the tradition of quality practiced throughout the company for more than 60 years now. El Superior, LFM’s homebrand flour, is milled with such precision and care, that has been tested, kneaded and baked by generations of Filipino bakers. LFM milling process is both a science and an art. The state-of-the-art milling machinery to ensure consistent quality for your baking success is blended with the passionate and trusted millers who have perfected the process of converting premium wheat to fine, white and pure flour …the key ingredient to every baker’s success.
LFM …undoubtedly milled from the heart!


Liberty Flour Mills, Inc. is committed to manufacture the highest quality of flour products and by-
products and to pursue excellence in providing services to our customers. Through effective
communication, responsive services, empowered employees, passion for technology, and total
quality management, we will meet the aspirations of the customers to improve productivity in
the national markets and stakeholder values.


Liberty Flour Mills, Inc. aspires to be the major flour manufacturer in the country by striving
vigorously to delight our customers, and by pursuing excellence and innovation through
committed teamwork.


We aspire to be the trusted flour manufacturer in the country for the Filipinos flour-based food
products by embracing the culture of TRIGO ( Teamwork, Resilience, Integrity and Honesty,
Greatness/Excellence and Optimism/Positivity)

Our Team

The Board has the ultimate responsibility and oversight for sustainability at Liberty Flour Mills, Inc.
Meet the leaders and supporting committees responsible for the management, strategic
direction, and control of Liberty Flour Mills, Inc.

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Our Employees are the key to our success.

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1. LFM Sec Form 17-A (Annual Report)

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